The world of window and door hardware is constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of customers, suppliers and manufacturers with the ever-changing state of the hardware market. For over 45 years, we have followed and attempted to exceed the industry trends and expectations to reach and meet our customers and target audience.

Being the UK’s first friction stay manufacturer in 1976, we have continued to evolve our services and product offering to stay modern and competitive, showing our business focus within this highly competitive environment. 

Studies have shown that there has been considerable growth in purchases; the construction industry and consumer demand for high quality and aesthetics within the window and door market. This is an excellent opportunity for Cotswold to take advantage of and continue to build our brand towards a better future of friction stays and hardware.

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Going through several changes as a business throughout our history, we are prepared for all eventualities to continue to provide excellent products and services for our customers. We are proud of the tens of millions of buildings worldwide that include our friction stays, and we hope to continue to provide more with our high-quality manufacturing.

Even during a tough year, we have seen internal and external growth as a company. Growing our team to the excellent management and staff you know today, and developing our product catalogue to meet a host of hardware needs, we are here to help the evergrowing hardware market and remain relevant with the customers who lie within it.

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At Cotswold, we are lucky to have the advantage of our own flexibility. Through this, we can be prepared for hard times or bad luck within our company and adapt accordingly to minimise disruption and impact on our customers as much as possible. That’s why we ensure we capture the needs of our customers as closely as we can.

As an internationally respected company, we are proud to have cultivated a reputation for ourselves within the India and South East Asia hardware market. While we have expanded our business in this challenging market, we continue to focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

By playing our part in environmental trends, we can ensure our products, processes, and services are sustainable as we enter new markets and trends each year. One way we have considered this is by owning our supply chain; this offers us unparalleled control over the energy efficiency of our products and how sustainable they are to manufacture and deliver.

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Throughout our history, we have continued to beat any market restraints as we developed our India factory. Through this expansion we could accelerate our production capacity and further integrated our supply chain. This is an excellent example of the technological and business advancements we have made to remain relevant within this market.

Although we became the first UK-based manufacturer of friction stays, we continue to show awareness for current marketing needs that our customers address. For example, the increasing awareness of home security, the interest in sustainability and the aesthetics of products.

Despite intense competition and stringent regulatory standards of the hardware market, our new team continues to deliver customer excellence in their products and services. In doing so, we can maintain relevance and support our customers in a constantly changing market and environment. At Cotswold, you can rely on modern technology and excellent products no matter when or where you need them.