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Cotswold Architectural Products is a company synonymous with the integral component on any outward opening window: the friction stay. In 1976 we became the first company in the UK to manufacture friction stays, and since then we have grown into a world leader in our field. Now, with a wide range of hardware to suit all window and door types, we are providing hardware to over sixty countries, trusted by thousands of companies around the world.

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Grand Fourwings Hotel

Bangkok, Thailand

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Global Expansion Cotswold

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Client: VBH Thailand

Product: Sinidex

Being a premium brand with an internationally renowned reputation made Cotswold hardware the first choice for aluminium windows in the recently opened Grand Fourwings. Cotswold’s local distributor, VBH Thailand, worked closely with the fabricators on each project to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for the developments’ large top and side hung windows.

The five-star Grand Fourwings Hotel required around 1,300 pairs of HS100 friction stays from Cotswold’s Sinidex range. Designed to offer smooth closure and high performance, HS stays also offer improved security and weather sealing through the use of a nylon reduced friction end cap. The stays were supplied for the Hotel in a selection of sizes from 8 inch to 24 inch for top hung windows up to 0.4m x 2.4m and between 22kg and 35kg in weight.


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Keppel Bay, Singapore

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Cotswold Architectural international

Location: Keppel Bay, Singapore

Client: LHL International

Product: Fortis Typhoon Locking Pawl

Cotswold has designed a heavy-duty hinge to meet the specific size and weight demands of custom-made windows for a stunning new residential development in Singapore. Over 1,000 pairs of HD Alpha 16 inch hinges and 3,270 HD Alpha 18 inch hinges from Cotswold will be fitted to side hung casement windows in the luxury waterfront apartments at Reflections Keppel Bay.

Local aluminium façade contractor, LHL International, developed specially shaped profile to suit Reflections’ curved towers, which rise like beacons of light from the water’s edge. Cotswold’s technical team worked with LHL to design a heavy-duty hinge that would accommodate the profiles’ larger rebate. The bespoke hinges are also designed to provide the strength and rigidity required for the large, heavy window units incorporating low-e insulating glass. Cotswold achieved this by manufacturing the hinges from austenitic steel to ensure high tensile strength and durability, and by fitting a dual slide arm, which is 3mm thick, compared to the 2.5mm single slide arms on Cotswold’s other HD Hinges.

Reflections Keppel Bay is one of the world’s most prestigious condo developments and as such the architect, the internationally renowned Daniel Libeskind, demanded only the highest quality building products with a proven track record and project references. Cotswold was able to satisfy these exacting requirements and offer a prompt service plus excellent technical support, says Cotswold’s Export Manager, Carine Geoffroy. “This project is an ideal example of Cotswold’s ability to provide bespoke solutions for higher volume orders within an agreed timescale,” she comments. “The lead time for supplying the whole quantity of specially designed HD hinges from our manufacturing facility in the UK to Singapore – that’s over 4,000 pairs – was just eight to ten weeks.”


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Pinares de Canelillo

Santiago, Chile

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Cotswold Architectural priorities

Location: Santiago, Chile

Client: Ferbras S.A.

Product: Heavy Duty Self Balanced

Ferbras S.A, Cotswold’s exclusive distributor in Chile, has secured sales of Cotswold’s high performance Friction Stays for a wide range of projects in and around Santiago, from new homes to a ski resort centre. Sebastian Torres of Ferbras S.A. believes the performance of Cotswold Hinges in a region with very high temperatures and salt levels is second to none. “Their renowned quality, plus the backing of a 10-year warranty, has made Cotswold the number one choice for all these prestigious projects,” he says.

In the beautiful beach resort of Algarrobo, 16” and 22” Heavy Duty (HD) Hinges have been specified for outward opening windows in luxurious new holiday apartments. Ferbras S.A. has also supplied HS and HD Hinges in a range of sizes for new homes in Valle Norte, Chicureo. In another project, a new ski resort centre in the winter village of San Jose de La Parva is sporting standard HS 12”, 20” and 24” Hinges; while at Alas Del Condor, outward opening windows in a new build hotel are fitted with a mixture of standard HS and HD 22 R Hinges.


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Al Salam Tower Sharjah, UAE

Sharjah, UAE

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Location: Sharjah, UAE

Client: Khatib and Alami

Cotswold’s Heavy Duty window hardware is experiencing the ‘high life’ in a new skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates. Large top hung aluminium windows in Al Salam Tower are being fitted with 750 pairs of Cotswold’s Fortis HD26/50 friction stays. Shimmering in the sun above the city of Sharjah, the new 46-storey building consists of offices, parking and a health club on the lower floors and 34 storeys of luxury living accommodation, topped with a helipad.

Al Salam Tower’s 1,350 mm x 1,250mm double glazed windows fitted with 6mm glass posed no problem for Cotswold’s HD26/50 self balancing friction stays which can support a large commercial vent up to 2,000mm wide and 100kg in weight. Consultant Engineer, Mr Amar Al Mufti of Khatib and Alami, had no hesitation in recommending Cotswold for Al Salam Tower. He comments: “We are well aware of Cotswold’s reputation for high quality and performance having used hinges from the HD range on another prestigious project in the UAE.” Over 2,500 pairs of HD22 self balancing stays provided a successful solution for large aluminium windows in the Al Wahda City 1 tower block complex in Abu Dhabi.

Fortis HD 26/50 self balancing stays have been supplied for Al Salam Tower through Al Saifee Glass Hardware, Cotswold’s distribution partner for the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Cotswold HD hinges are manufactured from high-grade 304 austenitic stainless steel for maximum durability, even in the most corrosive environments, and are tested to 50,000 cycles. The self balancing HD stay specified for Al Salam Tower eliminates the need for additional support arms. For added strength, and to ensure that windows open and close with ease, Cotswold’s HD hinges are designed with an innovative steel/plastic slider. In addition, effective weather sealing and draught proofing are fully concealed once fitted for aesthetic appeal.

Cotswold is able to provide a fast, local service for customers in the Middle East from ...

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