In the past year, Cotswold has seen a 150% growth in sales of Cotswold Ultra Parallel Stays across the globe, with projects spanning across India, the UK and the USA.

The projects include the Saleh Ahmed in Bangalore, an 11-story office tower boasting a complex geometry of double-skinned faceted glass and metal, and the Bagmane Pallavi also in Bangalore, a 23-story building.

“The client, Bagmane Developers Pvt Ltd, were looking for openable vents with assured quality and quick lead times, and the Cotswold Ultra Parallel Stay was the obvious option thanks to its patented link arm operation which ensures parallelism at all times through the opening,” comments Cotswold CEO Eric Mertz.

“We also recently completed our largest Parallel Stay project for the Navratna Corporate Tower in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, where 2,000 pairs of Parallel Stays were used over the 35,000 square meter façade.

“There are also several ongoing Parallel Stay projects across the UK and the USA, which we are very excited about.”

The unique in-line operation of the Cotswold Ultra Parallel Stay allows for it to work with any heavy-duty profile, meaning customers can mix and match opening styles on the same project without affecting the aesthetics of the building.

The inter-joining link arms mean the stays also provide parallelism throughout the opening and closing cycle.

“Capacity of the Parallel Stay is much higher than any standard casement, allowing architects more flexibility when designing,” Eric continues.

“In-house production means we can also ensure that customer lead times are always met.

“It’s great to see the Cotswold Ultra Parallel Stay being approved on so many projects around the world. It’s really becoming the preferred method of opening in the curtain wall sector, and we look forward to working on many projects around the globe in the coming months.”